GBPUSD jumped above $1.39 for the first time in three years


GBPUSD Outlook – 15th February 2021 GBPUSD started the week’s trading, achieving gains in the morning of UK forex market transactions, and it recorded the second consecutive daily rise and its highest level since 2018. These broad gains come thanks to the large decline in the US dollar, in addition to increasing hopes of reducing […]

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GBPUSD is rising after the release of positive government data

GBPUSD Forecast – 15th September 2020 GBPUSD rose in forex trading on Tuesday, following the release of positive economic data, which is mostly better than analysts’ expectations. Government data revealed that the change in unemployment benefits amounted to 73.7 thousand applications, while expectations indicated that the level of 99.5 thousand applications would be recorded. The […]

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GBPUSD stabilizes as vaccines optimism around the world

GBPUSD stabilizes during trading today, Friday, in light of continued optimism regarding vaccines against the Coronavirus. The Bank of England President “Andrew Bailey” had warned that the risks of the Coronavirus crisis were more dangerous to the British economy than the repercussions of an inflexible exit from the European Union without an agreement. This comes […]

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