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What is the GBPCHF?

GBPCHF is a widely traded currency pair in the Forex market. The pair represents the value of the British Pound against the Swiss Franc. For example, if GBP/CHF current quote is 1.1930 you will need 1.1930 Swiss Francs to buy one British Pound. Since the pair does not involve the US dollar it falls in the category of minor currency pairs. However, both the British Pound and Swiss Franc are among the top 7 traded currencies therefore GBPCHF also provides high liquidity and volatility to the Forex traders.

The leverage ratio for the pair varies from broker to broker but it typically starts from 1:100 and goes as high as 1:500. The standard lot size is 100,000 and like any other Forex pairs, you can trade the GBP/CHF in micro and mini lots as well. The pip value in US dollars on a standard lot is 10.96 while in British Pound it is 8.41.

GBPCHF Trading Range

The GBP/CHF has a very reasonable intraday trading range of 50 to 80 pips which is suitable for any style of trading. If you are a day trader, you can analyze the technical levels and easily achieve your intraday targets. If you are a scalper GBP/CHF has enough volatility to enter and exit in a very short timeframe. The pair also present equal opportunities to swing traders who like to trade on a broader range and hold their positions overnight or even for weeks.

GBP/CHF is an important pair in the Forex market, the British Pound servers as a premium reserve currency in the world while the Swiss Franc maintains a safe-haven status. The pair’s other fundamentals remain more or less similar to any other Forex pairs however, in the current economic environment GBP/CHF is more sensitive to post Brexit-related news.

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